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Holly Valance’s “Kiss Kiss” Is One Of The Greatest Aussie Film Clips Ever Made


Holly Valance’s “Kiss Kiss” Is One Of The Greatest Aussie Film Clips Ever Made

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Almost 20 years later, it is still glorious.

The year is 2002. I wore butterfly clips in my hair, played with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and wanted nothing more than a flip phone to call my three best friends with.

Motorola / Via

We were living in much simpler times.

In the midst of all my pre-pubescent glory, there was one person and only one person who I wanted to be: Holly Valance in her “Kiss Kiss” film clip.

I would put it to you, and indeed to the country, that this film clip was responsible for sexually awakening an entire generation of Aussies.

This cultural masterpiece began with a close up on a pair of glossy lips blowing a kiss — AKA the most early ’00s aesthetic to ever exist.

London Records / Via

And there’s a 10/10 chance every Aussie owned a Juicy Tubes lipgloss in this colour.

She served us look after look for an entire 3 minutes and 26 seconds — starting with this futuristic number.

London Records / Via

A white leather jacket on top of a white bikini? ICONIC.

And that exaggerated cat eye? Perfection.

When we’re greeted with the Euro-pop sounds of the chorus, Holly comes and kills it with a wet hair look that no one has been able to perfectly execute ever since — and believe me, I’ve tried.

London Records / Via

And please, pray tell, what would go better with that hair than a wet look, cowl neck top and hot pants?!

But the best part? She’s absolutely KILLING the choreo while commanding a harem of hot men.

London Records / Via

Truly, this is the first time I’d ever seen a lead female singer with male back up dancers — as opposed to the thousands I’d seen with the gender split the other way.

But we cannot even attempt to capture the magic of this film clip without talking about this epic moment:

I mean, she was serving us body positivity and sex positivity WELL BEFORE we could handle it on a national level.

London Records / Via

Literally, she deserves a standing ovation.

So, while the film clip did give me unrealistic expectations of what my future clubbing experience would be like…

London Records / Via

I mean, I suppose the set doesn’t look too dissimilar to Dragonfly (RIP).

…as well as the kind of talent that would be trying to gyrate up and down my leg as I sipped on a vodka sunrise somewhere in Kings Cross…

I think we can all agree that “Kiss Kiss” is an absolute banger and Holly Valance should be considered a national treasure.

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