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17 G-Rated Scenes That Sparked The Sexual Awakening Of 2000s Girls


17 G-Rated Scenes That Sparked The Sexual Awakening Of 2000s Girls

Updated 19 minutes ago. Posted 1 hour ago

*Bites knuckle.*

1. In A Cinderella Story, when Austin Ames licks his fingers before throwing the football during warm-ups:

Warner Bros.

2. Also in A Cinderella Story, when Austin locks his G-Wagon in slow-mo:

Warner Bros.

3. In Cadet Kelly, when Kelly and Jenny have their seemingly innocent — yet extremely charged — moment on the quad:

Disney Channel

4. In She’s the Man, when Duke shimmies in the middle of the victory circle on the soccer field:

DreamWorks Pictures

5. In A Walk to Remember, when Landon places the butterfly tattoo on Jamie’s shoulder and then blows on it to dry it:

Warner Bros.

6. In Save the Last Dance, when Derek teaches Sara how to dance:

Paramount Pictures

7. In Ella Enchanted, when Char tells Ella to kiss him, but follows it up with it not “being an order”:

Miramax Films

In case you forgot, Ella has to follow every order she’s given, so Char — unknowingly — gave her the freedom of choice for the first time in her life.

8. In Uptown Girls, when Neal serenades Molly at Ray’s dance recital:

9. In Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, when Robbie stood up for Georgia and said she was “perfect for him”:

Paramount Pictures

10. Also in Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, when Georgia and Robbie walked happily into the sunset together:

Paramount Pictures

11. In Bring It On, when Cliff pushes Torrance on the swing:

Universal Pictures

12. In The Perfect Man, when Adam gives Holly her drawing:

Universal Pictures

13. In Step Up, when Tyler catches Nora during their dance practice:

Buena Vista Pictures

14. In Sleepover, when Steve places the crown on Julie’s head during the school dance:

15. In John Tucker Must Die, when John flaunts his thong during basketball rehearsal:

20th Century Fox

16. In Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, when Kostas rescues Lena after she falls in the ocean:

Warner Bros.

17. In Center Stage, when Charlie perfectly dips Jody on stage:

Paramount Pictures

18. Finally, in 13 Going on 30 when Matty shows Jenna his “Razzle red” tongue:

Sony Pictures

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