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Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans May Have Messed With The Income Of Sex Workers


Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans May Have Messed With The Income Of Sex Workers

Updated 10 minutes ago. Posted 10 minutes ago

It’s the messing with people’s bags for me.

In case you missed it, OnlyFans is a subscription service where people — “fans” — can subscribe to certain creators for various forms of exclusive content. It can range anywhere from fitness to cooking, but it’s particularly popular among sex workers.


Especially in quarantine, where strip clubs and other various establishments are closed, this has been a lucrative market for sex workers to get an income on their own terms.

Well, in the past couple months, celebs and influencers have flocked to the app, with various promises and varying degrees of success. The most prominent celebrity to do this as of late is none other than Bella Thorne.

This week, Bella earned over $2 million, which, you know, is a lot.

If that were the whole story, this would be a very short article. But alas. It is not. As recently as yesterday, Bella has come under fire for alleged false advertising — people on Twitter are claiming that she charged $200 a POP for nude photos of her…

…but she also tweeted this:

According to various Twitter users, people have been demanding refunds from OnlyFans. Users and contributors on the platform are drawing a direct correlation between Bella Thorne’s posts, the user complaints and possible new restrictions, like a cap on the amount contributors can charge for their subscriptions, as well as the amount a specific user can tip a creator.

@sairaspooks / Via Twitter: @sairaspooks

BuzzFeed has reached out to OnlyFans but did not immediately receive a response.

According to OnlyFans content creators, these new rules and caps on payment have cut the income of those who are reliant on the site and they are rightfully upset:

Due to Bella Thorne scamming her fans in a $200 PPV message onlyfans has now introduced these changes to all creators rather than restricting her account: 30 day payout $100 max tip $50 max post price Why we can’t have nice things.

Onlyfans girls waking up today to find out they ain’t getting paid till October cuz of Bella Thorne

1. Bella Thorne is trash for scamming and ruining OnlyFans 2. OnlyFans is trash for changing policies for everyone instead of banning her 3. Her subscribers are stupid and y’all should have just subscribed to actual sex workers and you wouldn’t get scammed

i still can’t believe bella thorne singlehandedly ruined the livelihoods of god knows how many sex workers just bc she was bored and wanted to increase her net worth by a million dollars or whatever celebrity culture is a disease

my hate for rich people using poor peoples modes of income to make themselves richer (youtube, onlyfans, patreon) grows so much each day

To be clear, it hasn’t been confirmed if these changes have taken place and, if so, are directly related to Bella Thorne’s actions.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Bella Thorne’s team but did not receive an immediate response.

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