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26 Of The Most Heartbreaking Teen Drama Couple Moments


26 Of The Most Heartbreaking Teen Drama Couple Moments

“Close your eyes.”

Teen drama couples were my everything when I was growing up.

The CW

I may or may not have lived vicariously through them.

While I loved all their sweet moments, there were also some amazing moments that ripped my heart out (in the best way). Here are some of my favorites:

1. When Rue decided not to go to New York with Jules on Euphoria:

2. When Jughead broke up with Betty after she tried to join the Serpents on Riverdale:

3. When Buffy had to push Angel into hell on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

4. And when Stefan and Elena had basically the exact same scene before Klaus’s ritual on The Vampire Diaries:

5. When Emily found out that Naomi had cheated on her on Skins:

6. When Clarke was with Lexa when she died on The 100:

7. When James tried to save Alyssa by running away on The End of the F***ing World:

8. When Allison told Scott that she loved him, then died in his arms on Teen Wolf:

9. And when Marissa died in Ryan’s arms on The O.C.:

10. When Artie called Brittany stupid on Glee:

11. When Blair told Chuck that she didn’t love him anymore and gave him his ring back on Gossip Girl:

12. When Effy told Freddie at the hospital that she loved him on Skins:

13. When Jessica told Justin that she never wanted to see him again on 13 Reasons Why:

14. When Lydia forgot Stiles after he told her he loved her on Teen Wolf:

15. When Hannah pushed Clay away and Clay let her on 13 Reasons Why:

16. When Sid asked why Cassie left on Skins:

17. When Archie left town and broke up with Veronica on Riverdale:

18. When Kurt found out that Blaine had cheated on him on Glee:

19. When Elena found out that Damon had died and his ghost said goodbye on The Vampire Diaries:

20. When Jal gave Chris a lucky coin before his surgery on Skins:

21. When Brooke begged Lucas to let her in on One Tree Hill:

22. When Elena and Damon shared one last dance when she was put in a coma on The Vampire Diaries:

23. When Blair broke up with Chuck after he tried to trick her into sleeping with Jack to save his hotel on Gossip Girl:

24. When Caroline thought that Tyler was dying (though this later turned out to be Klaus in disguise) on The Vampire Diaries:

25. When Ali lied to the cops and her friends, and Emily decided that she was done with her, on Pretty Little Liars:

26. And finally, when Serena and Dan broke up and danced together one last time on Gossip Girl:

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