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23 Absolutely Perfect Ways For Millennials To Explain How Old They Are


23 Absolutely Perfect Ways For Millennials To Explain How Old They Are

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I’m THIS old.

1. “Tapped Like 17 Numbers Just To Say “Hello” Through T9″ years old:

2. “Had To Go To A Designated ROOM To Use The Computer” years old

3. “I Know Exactly The Relationship Between All These Things” years old:

4. “Video Games Only Worked On Channel 3” years old:

5. “Had To Wait Until 9 p.m. To Be Able To Talk On The Phone” years old:

6. “Played Gameboy With A Flashlight In The Back Of A Car” years old:

7. “Waited Like Ten Days Before Actually Seeing A Picture” years old:

8. “Carried My Entire Music Collection In A Giant Binder” years old:

9. “Waited 3-5 Business Days For Netflix DVDs” years old:

10. “Had To Choose Between The Phone And The Internet” years old:

11. “Had To Physically Look Through A Minuscule Little Hole To Take A Picture” years old:

12. “Broke Land Speed Records Running Back To The Couch” years old:

13. “Had To Carry Like 15 Pounds Of Technology” years old:

14. “Had To Manually Close The Windows” years old:

15. “Had To Physically Print Out Directions Just To Drive Anywhere” years old:

16. “Had To Look-Up Movie Times In A Newspaper” years old:

17. “Spent Half My Life Watching One File Download” years old:

18. “Played This Medieval Ring Contraption” years old:

19. “Had To Watch A Separate Channel Just To See What Was On TV” years old:

20. “Got A Hand Full Of Splinters On The Playground” years old:

21. “Waited All Day To Listen To One Song” years old:

22. “Wrote Down Everyone’s Phone Number On A Piece Of Paper” years old:

23. “Had Hearing Loss From A Computer” years old:

And “Didn’t Have To Charge My Phone Every Two Hours” years old:

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