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17 “Secret Life Of The American Teenager” Scenes That Make Me Wonder Why I Was Allowed To Watch This


17 “Secret Life Of The American Teenager” Scenes That Make Me Wonder Why I Was Allowed To Watch This

“So now I’m focused on being a surgeon, as a way to not think about not being a virgin.”

1. First, when Amy called herself a whore and Ben attempted to comfort her by calling her his whore.

2. When Adrian dated her stepbrother and went around casually saying stuff like this.


Same, Mr. Molina, same.

3. When Ben and Amy got “married” in the living room with fake IDs.

4. When Grace sincerely believed that she caused her father’s death by having sex with Jack.

5. When Amy was in labor and asked her mom if they were sure she had a birth canal.


We don’t give Molly Ringwald enough credit for her facial expressions on this show.

6. When Grace tried to get the girls to stop having sex by encouraging them to masturbate instead, which apparently nobody had ever heard of

7. …and then literally turned it into a whole campaign called “Just Say Me.”

8. When everyone strangely insisted that Bologna, Italy, was known for oral sex.


Okay, I googled this and cannot find ANY evidence that this a thing.

9. When Ben really thought this was a good clapback.

10. When Grace read this completely serious poem in front of all her friends.



11. When Ben told Amy about Adrian’s pregnancy in, like, the least tactful way possible.

12. When this was an actual line that came out of a teenage character’s mouth.

13. When Amy and Ricky had this totally not awkward exchange.

14. When Griffin bravely shared this very specific story.

15. When everyone casually performed a flash mob of “Marry You” in the school hallway, complete with cutouts of Ricky’s face.

16. When George walked in on Amy and Ricky having a very intimate moment.


Tag yourself — I’m the dog.

17. And finally, anytime the parents and kids just candidly talked about sex at the dinner table like this, aka every freaking episode.

Secret Life…you were truly something else.

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