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Just Some Very Funny TikToks About Nevada’s Very Slow Ballot Count


Just Some Very Funny TikToks About Nevada’s Very Slow Ballot Count

Election Day feels like it was years ago, and here we are, still waiting for Nevada.

With only a handful of states left to decide this presidential election, everyone is on edge, and that’s not being helped by how slowly Nevada seems to be counting its ballots.

The state still has thousands of outstanding ballots, mostly from the Democratic stronghold of Clark County, home of Las Vegas. According to the math, former vice president Joe Biden could take the presidency with the electoral votes from Arizona and Nevada, and he’s currently leading in both.

However, neither state has been called by Decision Desk HQ as of Friday afternoon.

While Pennsylvania and Georgia have been making frequent updates to their counts, Nevada’s have been less frequent.

Workers in Nevada are diligently counting those votes, but there are still a ton of memes, videos, and funny TikToks making fun of how slowly it’s going. Here are some of the best ones.

A lot of the jokes are about what those ballot counters (who we’re sure are working very hard!) are up to.

Maybe we should cut them some slack.

But they are being a little coy.

And maybe enjoying the attention?

Get the bullet journalers out of there!

Or maybe we just don’t understand the ~process~.

Or maybe they just need some gentle encouragement?

At least they’re not alone.

Actually, the whole world is waiting.

So maybe put a wiggle in it? Please?

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