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20 Genuinely Interesting Things To Know About Buying Booze From Costco


20 Genuinely Interesting Things To Know About Buying Booze From Costco

My favorite ~club~ is the local Costco.

Costco is full of amazing deals and super eclectic products. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that Costco has a serious selection of wine and liquor. But when it comes to buying booze at Costco, these interesting facts and tips might actually surprise you. 🍷

1. Costco sells more alcohol than any other retailer in the country.

2. In some states, you can buy wine and liquor even if you don’t have a Costco membership.

3. You can get same-day Costco alcohol delivery in 11 states.

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Over 200 Costco locations in California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio, and Washington, D.C. of now offer the same-day delivery through Instacart.

4. Costco’s Kirkland Signature vodka has scored higher than Grey Goose in blind tastings.

5. Oh, and you can buy just about every type of hard alcohol from Scotch to tequila under the Kirkland label, too.

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You’ll find gin, vodka, whiskey, Scotch, small batch Bourbon, rum, and tequila. The gang’s all here!

6. Costco can be tight-lipped about their suppliers, but you can sometimes figure out who produces Kirkland wines just by flipping over the bottle.

7. The same goes for liquor. For instance, each bottle of Kirkland Añejo tequila has a NOM number on the label, which allows you to track down the distillery where it was made.

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For example, some liquor sleuths believe that Kirkland’s Añejo Tequila is likely made by the same distillery that produces Cielo Tequila (which sells for about $40 per bottle).

8. And some believe that Kirkland small-batch Bourbon is made by big-name distillery Jim Beam.

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While Costco hasn’t confirmed anything, Punch Drink believes that the small batch bourbon is made by Jim Beam, the Tennessee whiskey by George Dickel, and the Canadian Whiskey by Crown Royal.

9. Wine at Costco is typically priced up to 20% lower than competing wine stores.

10. No wine is marked up more than 14%.


According to the New York Times, at Costco “no wine is marked up more than 14 percent, and some barely at all.” That’s huge — especially when many wine stores usually mark up as much as 50%.

11. But it’s not all affordable.

12. You can sometimes find additional markdowns on wines — if you know where to look.

13. Costco sells a lot of Champagne including the big name producers like Veuve Clicquot, Moet Chandon, and Dom Peignon. In fact, they sell more bottles of Dom Perignon champagne than anyone else in the country — for more than $100 a pop.

14. Costco has a house brand called Kirkland Signature — and its wines are backed by some pretty surprising suppliers.

15. And the same goes for their craft beer.

16. The selection constantly changes.

17. They also sometimes stock collector’s items.

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While Costco sells a ton of bottles under $20 (and even $10), don’t be surprised to find rare collector’s bottles. According to Wine Spectator, one shopper found three bottles of 2007 Screaming Eagle at a Costco in Redwood City, California. In case you haven’t heard of this Napa Valley cult wine, they were being sold for $1,500 a bottle.

18. You’ll find wine and liquor in some international stores too.

19. Each year around the holidays, Costco comes out with a wine advent calendar — 24 half bottles of wine from around the world for just under $100.

20. Oh, and for beer-lovers, they have a brewer’s advent calendar too!

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