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18 People Who Were Not Just Wrong, But Confidently Wrong


18 People Who Were Not Just Wrong, But Confidently Wrong

Think twice before you post.

1. The person who forgot about…oh, pretty much every election in recent memory:

2. The person who stuck by their math:

4. The person who wants everyone to go back to school:

6. The grown man who was “pretty good at anatomy”:

@stefdagz I had a weird conversation with a grown man a few years ago where he thought it was gross women have to put a tampon in their butt. I tried correcting him and he replied, “I’m pretty good at anatomy dude, I know how it works and that’s not it.”

7. The person who needs a history lesson:

8. The Tinder user who really cared about grammar:

9. The “math major” who slightly miscalculated:

12. The person who was very sure she meant Mariah:

Thinking about the time that I said that I was distantly related to Marie Curie and a guy explained “It’s pronounced Mariah Carey”

14. This geographic expert:

15. And speaking of Drake, apparently if you tweet about him it’s always 5 a.m. or something:

17. The person who discovered a once-in-a-day phenomenon:

18. And finally…this:

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