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Oatmeal Is Trendy Again, And Here Are 15 Recipes You’re Gonna Wanna Try


Oatmeal Is Trendy Again, And Here Are 15 Recipes You’re Gonna Wanna Try

tOATally delicious.

When millennials, Gen X’ers, and boomers think of oatmeal — otherwise known as the sludge they used to choke down before racing to catch the school bus every morning — the following image probably comes to mind:

Subjug / Getty Images

The oatmeal the world once knew was beige, bland, and either too dry or too watery. If you were lucky, it had some cinnamon, maple, or raisins in it — but the fun pretty much stopped there.

Thankfully, the food creatives of 2020 have swooped in to revolutionize oatmeal, and it’s all going down on TikTok. Here are 15 recipes that’ll finally put that giant bag of oats you panic-bought in March to use:

1. A Twix baked oatmeal that’s making me question why my dumb ass never thought to add a candy bar to my oats.

@selflovebybella / TikTok

2. A bowl of birthday cake oats that would make the perfect b-day breakfast.

@keyleighhdayy / TikTok

3. Oatmeal with peaches, walnuts, and yogurt that’s equal parts delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

@annierosenelson / TikTok

4. A s’mores baked oatmeal that would make the perfect dessert for a cold winter night.

@selflovebybella / TikTok

5. Cookie dough baked oatmeal because why not have it all when you deserve it all?

@selflovebybella / TikTok

6. And some brownie baked oats for the “brownies > cookies” people.

@kayleighhdayy / TikTok

7. Carrot cake baked oats so we can pretend it’s fall forever.

@hhealthyweightloss / TikTok

8. Cinnamon roll baked oatmeal to feed your inner kid.

@lightxeats / TikTok

9. A cereal milk oatmeal because why not combine two delicious breakfast foods into one?

@kayleighhdayy / TikTok

10. Banana bread oatmeal to one-up that friend who thinks they’re fancy for slicing a banana on their oats.

@eatpayylove / TikTok

11. Apple pie oats for an all-American vibe…or just if you’re in the mood for something appley.

@plantyou / TikTok

12. Some pumpkin pie overnight oats so you can satisfy your pumpkin craving and ditch the Starbucks line.

@lahbco / TikTok

13. A strawberry cheesecake oatmeal that’ll remind people that strawberry cheesecake is absolutely slept on.

@selflovebybella / TikTok

14. A piña colada overnight oats recipe to give some tropical-vacation vibes to your at-home breakfast experience.

@foodbynina / TikTok

15. And a Reese’s oatmeal recipe because Reese’s obviously needed to make an appearance.

@thecarolinalifestyle / TikTok

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