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People Are Sharing The Weirdest Thing Their School Did That They Thought Was Normal And It’s Definitely Not Normal


People Are Sharing The Weirdest Thing Their School Did That They Thought Was Normal And It’s Definitely Not Normal

Did you play donkey basketball or join the lettuce eating club?

A few days ago, @babyfacebltch asked TikTok users to share the strangest things their schools did that they thought were normal:

She shared that farm animals freely roamed the bottom level of her small Pennsylvania school, that she had to pass a square dancing class for P.E., that she learned how to barrel roll out of kayaks in an indoor pool, and students paid to participate in all-nighter school lockdowns for charity.

Right away, the comments section started getting flooded with bizarre things people did at their schools growing up.

This school had a day where students were forced to chug gallons of milk until they puked:

And this school had eggnog chugging competitions:

This school had a very odd way of helping students deal with anger:

This school had a creepy tradition with the principal:

And this school had a horrific way of disciplining students:

This school forced students to sleep in igloos in freezing temperatures:

This school had a very scary way of keeping kids from skipping class:

This school had a twisted way of introducing freshmen to high school:

And this school had very untraditional pep rally activities:

This school paid kids to starve themselves for over a day:

This school had full-on fake marriages and families:

This school allowed students to literally set themselves on fire:

This school had a lettuce club where you literally just ate heads of lettuce:

This school had a very untraditional way of getting a day off:

This school had a strict policy where you couldn’t walk on the grass:

But it wasn’t too out of the ordinary for some schools to have a fight week…

…Or a fight club:

And donkey basketball wasn’t as uncommon as you might think:

This school thought very highly of cow poop:

Apparently, several schools had a thing for cow poop:

This school had students chug root beer during every lap of the mile:

This school had a special day where students could drive their tractors to school:

And this school had designated parking spots for things other than cars:

This school had a frog racing day:

And this school watched their teachers spit pickles for entertainment:

I’m at a loss for words. Did your school do any of these things?!

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