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26 “Schitt’s Creek” Quotes That Describe 2020


26 “Schitt’s Creek” Quotes That Describe 2020

It’s been a real schitt-y year.

2020 has been a mess, but let’s give some credit to its breakout star: Schitt’s Creek.


Yes, Schitt’s Creek has been around for a while, but due to the show’s Emmy wins, quarantine, and a stellar final season, many people are just discovering it.

There are so many great moments and lines in the show that somehow manage to be relatable even though the Roses are a completely absurd family. As 2020 is nearing its dramatic conclusion, I decided to pick out some Schitt’s Creek quotes/GIFs that have truly defined this roller coaster of a year.


Here we go!

1. When we were first put on lockdown:


Ah, back in the good old days, when we watched Tiger King and sang out windows. We were so lost. So innocent. So full of youth.

2. The early days of quarantine, when we still thought it’d be over any day now:


Did Schitt’s Creek predict 2020??

3. When we tried to pretend that we were perfectly happy staying at home by ourselves:


And we were, for a little bit.

4. And then gave up by 10 a.m. that day:


^Me literally every morning.

5. When people weren’t wearing masks and we had to remind them that taking COVID precautions is not optional:


The amount of people I saw just partying with their friends at the start of all this…

6. When we all started getting obsessed with making our own bread and other meals with zero cooking experience:


So many disgusting meals I ate anyway because I didn’t want to waste them.

7. When our parents started nagging us about what productive things we’re getting done now that we’re stuck at home:


I’m far too stressed to write my novel!

8. When people started asking why they weren’t invited over anymore:


You’re not invited to my birthday party because I am no longer having one (unless you call getting wine drunk in sweatpants a party).

9. When introverts realized we now had an excuse not to hang out with people:


It was such a relief for a few days there.

10. But then a week later, we were sick of ourselves and started signing up for online dating apps:


My bio says I’m a people person, but my soul says I’m a people hater.

11. When all the days started to blend together:


It really became a routine.

12. When we realized this pandemic wasn’t ending anytime this year:


Cool, so we’re just losing a year of our lives, then!

13. And that we were going to have to start putting off events planned for the year:


RIP to all the weddings planned for this year.

14. When we started celebrating the little victories, like finishing a puzzle or remembering to brush our teeth:


Confession: I have very rarely remembered to brush my teeth twice a day since this started.

15. When time ceased to exist and “it’s five o’clock somewhere” became our new motto:


It’s a Wednesday night, or 2 p.m. on a Saturday? Sounds like a great time to have some alcohol!

16. When we made eye contact with someone at the grocery store and tried to silently communicate well wishes through our eyes:


I’m smiling at you, you just can’t see it underneath my mask.

17. When you finally deemed it safe to hang out with a friend after months alone:


That first hug (if you feel confident your friend has been safe and feel comfortable touching them!) hits different, though.

18. When we were told, for the millionth time, that a vaccine was “weeks away”:


Sure, if you mean dozens of weeks!

19. When outdoor dining began to open up and some of us (me, I’m talking about me) put on real clothes for the first time in months:


Sometimes I’d do my hair for a Zoom just to feel alive.

20. As we reached six months of quarantine and continued to receive bad news:


It’s just been relentless.

21. When our older relatives started posting conspiracy theories about the election on social media:


Big yikes.

22. And when the president himself continued to fuel them:


Excuse my French.

23. …Including during the debates:



24. When it became clear there would not be any results on Election Day:


That was a rough week.

25. And when we finally got the results:


Love that for us, too.

26. And finally, just our mood generally for this entire year:


I could not have said it better myself.

Here’s hoping for a better 2021!

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