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50 Of The Most Painfully Awkward Exchanges In All Of Human History


50 Of The Most Painfully Awkward Exchanges In All Of Human History

I’m cringing.

1. The break-up convo:

2. The lab convo:

3. The surgery convo:

4. The hamster convo:

5. The elevator convo:

6. The Subway convo:

7. The customer convo:

8. The soup convo:

9. The surprise convo:

10. The hugging convo:

11. The networking convo:

12. The dating convo:

13. The hamster convo part II:

14. The receipt convo:

15. The server convo:

16. The number convo:

17. The cheese convo:

18. The driving convo:

19. The airplane convo:

20. The bank convo:

21. The Dick’s convo:

22. The dentist convo:

23. The pizza convo:

24. The library convo:

25. The fist bump convo:

26. The cone convo:

27. The dressing room convo:

28. The TSA convo:

29. The password convo:

30. The family convo:

31. The crisps convo:

32. The divorce convo:

33. The red wine convo:

34. The Starbucks convo:

35. The hours convo:

36. The craft store convo:

37. The professor convo:

38. The fart convo:

39. The food truck convo:

40. The Maribel convo:

41. The tripping convo:

42. The hospital convo:

43. The innocent mother convo:

44. The NCAA convo:

45. The psychiatrist convo:

46. The vet convo:

47. The toothbrush convo:

48. The grapes convo:

49. The exam convo:

50. And The Helen convo:

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