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We’ll Reveal The 1st Letter Of Your Soulmate’s Name Based On The Vampire House You Design


We’ll Reveal The 1st Letter Of Your Soulmate’s Name Based On The Vampire House You Design

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Get in touch with your inner vampire.

  • Something modern yet sophisticated

  • Something to show off all the souvenirs I’ve gathered over many, many years

  • Something hip and trendy to lure in my dinner… guests. Dinner guests

  • Something with all dark colors so stains are easy to deal with

  • I don’t need such silly things 

  • Something classy and – dare I say? – romantic 

  • turned on pendant lamps above kitchen island

    Modern and pristine. Humans have really come a long way with decorating

  • There’s more mood lighting in my kitchen than food

  • It’s not like I’m going to use it? 

  • IDC as long as there are big windows I can stare out of broodingly

  • Can’t go wrong with a touch of sophistication, amirite? 

  • black flat screen tv mounted on white wall

    I’m not picky. Just no garlic

  • An old, rusty outhouse

    This is how they did it when I was a kid

  • Whatever costs the most money 

  • white ceramic bathtub near white framed window

    Something my human friends will appreciate (at least someone will be able to use the mirror)

  • When I dramatically take a bath, I want long, marble columns to remind myself that I’m the main character

  • Anything as long as there’s a tub with jets and absolutely no windows so I can chill while the sun’s out

  • Not to be predictable but drapes, candles, and a clawfoot tub are the way to my (undead) heart

  • Like a royal palace

  • IDK, vaguely castle-y? 

  • A dark basement

  • Something very dramatic, of course

  • Something comfy and cozy to remind me of when I was mortal

  • dog lying on bed

    Nothing fancy

  • Classic black – what can I say? I’m predictable

  • Just because I’m undead doesn’t mean my coffin can’t be colorful

  • I don’t need much  – just a nice coffin to come home to after a long night

  • My coffin is so tricked out, they put it on MTV Crypts, I mean… MTV Cribs

  • A simple wood coffin, no frills

    They just don’t make them like this anymore

  • Sophisticated and a little spooky

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