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Just 9 Money Management Apps People Swear By


Just 9 Money Management Apps People Swear By

“I use YNAB to create custom categories for everything — Christmas gifts, groceries, a new car, utilities, fun money, pet expenses, and more. I know exactly how much I can afford in any category before I spend any money. When I want to buy something, I don’t check how much money is in my account anymore. Instead, I check YNAB. It taught me how to manage my money so I’m not living paycheck to paycheck anymore. Now, I live on last month’s income.” —lindsay1erickson

“I love YNAB! Most budgeting apps are reactive, meaning they show you where you’ve spent your money. YNAB is proactive because it forces you to make a plan for your money. It helps me look at the bigger picture, such as planning for irregular expenses and saving for financial goals.” —Erin Gobler, Millennial Money Coach

While YNAB gives you a nice, neat spread of categories as a jumping off point for budgeting your cash, it’s fully customizable — you can add categories that are more on-par with your lifestyle, and remove ones that aren’t. YNAB offers a free trial for 34 days, then options to pay $11.99/month or $84/year. BTW, if you’re a college student you can get YNAB free for one year. After that, you get a one-off 10% discount.

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