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It’s Time We Recognize The “Pocketful Of Sunshine” Moment From “Easy A” As The Cultural Reset It Was


It’s Time We Recognize The “Pocketful Of Sunshine” Moment From “Easy A” As The Cultural Reset It Was

My last brain cell: “I GOT A POCKET, GOT A POCKETFUL OF-“

So, Netflix recently added the 2010 teen movie Easy A and, not to be dramatic, but it’s kind of one of the best things to happen to me in all of 2020.

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Penn Badgley as a sexy mascot? Yes, please.

It was one of my favorite movies as a teen. I recently rewatched it with my parents** and hoo boy, it was an experience.

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**Do NOT attempt.

There’s one particular moment from the movie that still lives rent-free in my mind, though — and I think it’s time we acknowledged just how iconic it is.

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I’m sure you remember Natasha Bedingfield’s 2008 masterpiece “Pocketful of Sunshine.”

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I can still hear my mom playing it in our minivan as she picked up me and my marching band friends from a PG-13 movie.

In the movie, Olive opens a musical greeting card from her grandparents and it starts blaring — yup, you guessed it — “Pocketful of Sunshine.”

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Olive, being the cool, edgy teen she is, immediately dubs it the “worst song ever.” LIES, OLIVE.

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Five seconds later, however…

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Oh, yeah. Yeah!

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You let it out, honey!

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This is legit just what goes on in my brain 24/7, guys.

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Emma Stone, on behalf of bored millennials in quarantine everywhere, I just wanna say thank you for this Oscar-worthy performance.

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