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35 Pictures That’ll Give Millennials A Full-On Nostalgiagasm


35 Pictures That’ll Give Millennials A Full-On Nostalgiagasm

Back when getting a birthday invite to Discovery Zone felt like winning the lottery.

1. This classic that you could read over and over:

NordSüd Verlag

2. These mics that made you feel like a rock star and annoyed the heck out of your parents:

3. The Fisher-Price kitchen play set that made you feel like a chef:

4. The Magic Eye book series that got you frustrated AF when you couldn’t see the hidden images:

5. Movie tie-in backpacks…

6. …cups…

7. …and sheets, which were the first ~designer~ things you ever wanted:

8. Discovery Zone, the best place you could celebrate a birthday at:

9. The Fisher-Price Cassette Player that was your original karaoke machine:

10. Disney Adventures Magazine (which you’d usually get as a treat if you accompanied your parents to the supermarket):

11. The best way to learn math in elementary school, which also doubled sort of as Lego:

12. The best snack you could have after school:

Kraft Heinz

13. The Pizza Hut commercials with Pizza Head that both made you hungry and feel sorry for a slice of pizza:

14. And the Burger King Kids Club commercials that got you pumped to eat at Burger King:

15. Owning one of these sand-filled, glittery, rainbow lizard toys:

16. Books with these covers that smelled like the library:

17. Tamagotchi. The first thing that you truly felt responsible for, which would also cause you so much stress:

Charla Jones / Getty Images

18. Zoobooks and the commercials for them that really made you want to learn all about animals:

19. Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts, which were the ultimate souvenir you could get on a family vacation:

20. The original Tinder:

21. Chuck E. Cheese’s tickets that you would save (in order to get a better prize) and then forget to bring with you the next time you went back:

22. This restaurant, which was the coolest place you could eat at:

Robert Alexander / Getty Images

23. The original way to binge-watch old TV shows: Nick at Nite’s Block Party Summer:

24. The Disney Store’s version of Beanie Babies (which were too cute):

25. This toy that was really a torture device for your ankles:

26. The GoldenEye 007 game on N64 that was so much fun but also brought out your inner competitor:

27. And Rainbow Road on Mario Kart 64, which would make your palms sweaty just thinking about it:

28. This TV series, which was the best way you could learn how to paint…

29. …and this TV series, which was the best way you could learn about science:

30. The artwork in the ~fancy~ section of the Warner Bros. Studio Store, which were “when I grow up and get money” goals:

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

31. These glow-in-the-dark blocks that you never saw anyone have IRL:

32. And this Rainbow Art set that — thanks to the commercials playing nonstop — you ended up begging your parents to order for you:

33. The Disney Read-Along Book and Cassette packaging that literally required a chainsaw to open it:

34. The most stressful game show to have ever existed:


35. And finally, these albums that played at every friend’s birthday party you went to:

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