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35 Interesting Food Facts That I Haven’t Been Able To Stop Thinking About


35 Interesting Food Facts That I Haven’t Been Able To Stop Thinking About

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I was today years old when I learned…

3. Cranberries grow in marshes, not on trees.

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Via Facebook: WisCranberries

More than 50% of the world’s cranberries are grown in Wisconsin — and you can watch a video of the harvesting process here.

4. And asparagus grows straight outta the ground.

Fhm / Getty Images

All varieties: green, white, purple.

5. The white gunk that comes out of cooked salmon isn’t fat — it’s protein.

6. Experts agree you usually don’t need to wash chicken before you cook it.

7. Out of all the popular alcoholic drinks, red wine makes you the sleepiest.

That’s according to a study by British Medical Journal, which surveyed 29,000 people about how they felt (energized, relaxed, sexy, confident, tired, aggressive, ill, restless, tearful) after drinking various types of alcohol.

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The Hershey Company

10. European chocolate generally tastes better because it’s required by law to have a higher percentage of milk fats and dry milk solids.

Michelle No / BuzzFeed

11. Hershey’s chocolate gets its unique flavor from butyric acid — an acid that makes chocolate last longer on shelves but gives it a “tangy” flavor that many Europeans find totally off-putting.

If you grew up with Hershey’s, there’s a high chance you’ve never noticed the flavor that many people abroad find totally repulsive.

Heikerau / Getty Images

Specifically, they’re said to be 80% water and 20% solid.

13. A few years ago, Nabisco redesigned its iconic animal crackers box cover after receiving criticism from PETA.

Nabisco / PETA

14. Butter can be stored outside the fridge for up to ten days.

Albertochagas / Getty Images

15. The seeds of stone fruits contain deadly cyanide.

Jeymin / Getty Images

This includes the seeds of everything from apricots, cherries, and plums to peaches, mangoes, and nectarines. You should avoid eating them, and you should definitely avoid eating them crushed.

16. The cookies that the Cookie Monster enjoys on Sesame Street are actually painted rice cakes.


That’s because if the producers used real cookies, the oil from the cookies might have damaged the muppets, according to Sesame Street Unpaved.

17. The word “cookie” comes from the Dutch “koekje,” meaning little cake.

Corinne Poleij / Getty Images

The word, along with the cookies, was imported by Dutch settlers to North America.

18. You won’t actually find many fortune cookies in mainland China.

Tetra Images / Getty Images

Here’s even more proof that the concept of Chinese fortune cookies is exclusively American in origin and popularity: When Wonton Foods, Inc., America’s largest manufacturer of fortune cookies, tried to expand its business to China, the company found that the idea didn’t translate, as unsuspecting diners often accidentally ate their fortunes.

19. Parmesan cheese contains an almost negligible amount of lactose.

Guvendemir / Getty Images

21. According to the FDA, you should never double-dip.


Especially in the age of Covid-19, when we’re all too aware of what can happen when an asymptomatic carrier spreads germs, it’s probably best to put dip on your own plate and double-dip to your heart’s content.

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22. Drinking milk a few days after its past-due date is probably fine.

Cherrie Herrin-michehl / Getty Images

According to the FDA, it might be more of a taste issue than a safety issue. That’s only as long as you’re not part of an immunocompromised population (elderly people, pregnant women, and young children would fall into that category), and if your milk is just a few days past its expiration date.

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23. It’s perfectly fine to drink a glass of water that’s been left out overnight.

David Rowland / Getty Images

24. You know those loofahs you used to lather yourself with in the shower? They’re actually grown in gourds.

Joloei / Getty Images

25. President John Adams — who lived to 90 years old — drank about a quarter pint of cider every morning.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

“I continue my practice of drinking a Jill of Cyder in the Morning and find no ill but some good Effect,” he wrote in his diary. A “gill” of cider, by the way, refers to about four ounces, or a quarter pint.

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26. The white spots on an old piece of chocolate are just fat blooms — not mold.

27. All fruit and vegetables should be washed before eating.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

Unless it’s marked as pre-washed, all your produce should get a thorough rinse before being cooked. And to be honest, even if it is marked as pre-washed, I’d give it an extra rinse since consuming any fresh produce means taking a tiny risk.

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28. La Croix produces its flavors by heating the skins or rinds of fruits.

Pixelpot / Getty Images (Edited)

29. Straight whiskey is actually clear — and gets its color from the oak barrels in which it’s aged.

Massanph / Getty Images

30. Pineapples take two to three years to grow.

Kanchanaphimai / Getty Images

Generally, a pineapple takes 24 months to go from propagation to fruiting. It can then take even longer to actually ripen.

31. And by the way, did you know a single pineapple is actually made up of up to 200 flowers that bloomed and formed a single mass?

A pineapple is actually made up tons of flowers that have joined together to bloom and create something called a “multiple fruit.” It’s kind of beautiful. Figs and breadfruit are other examples of a multiple fruit.

32. Milk helps you eat spicy foods because capsaicin (a compound in chili peppers) is fat-soluble.

First We Feast / Hot Ones

Another thing to note is that capsaicin is not water soluble, meaning that drinking water won’t help as much as coating your mouth with literally anything fatty, like milk, ice cream, or even olive oil.

33. Cellulose is a common ingredient in foods like shredded cheese and cereal.

Douglas Sacha / Getty Images / Via

“There’s actually cellulose in all kinds of foods. Basically, anything that is labeled ‘added fiber’ probably has cellulose in it,” said Jaydee Hanson, Policy Director at the Center for Food Safety.

34. Bananas looked very different before humans domesticated them into the sweet, peelable fruits they now are.

35. Green Haribo gummy bears are actually strawberry-flavored in the U.S. — and apple-flavored in the UK and Germany.

LightRocket via Getty

“Our Goldbears have five flavors – strawberry (green), raspberry (red), lemon (yellow), orange (orange) and pineapple (white). In Germany/U.K., the flavors include strawberry (light red), raspberry (darker red), lemon (yellow), orange (orange), pineapple (white) and apple (green),” a Haribo representative told BuzzFeed food.

What’s the most interesting food fact you know? Share in the comments!

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