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19 Controversial Chrissy Teigen Food Opinions That You Will Either Love Or Hate


19 Controversial Chrissy Teigen Food Opinions That You Will Either Love Or Hate

Warning: Picky eaters and Nutella lovers should turn back now!

Chrissy Teigen is famous for loving food, and famously outspoken. So it should come as no surprise that she has some serious food opinions:

Painting by Elizabeth Tomasetti, Photo by Chrissy Teigen / Via

(BTW, if you REALLY loved eating like Chrissy, you’d have a painting of yourself eating a giant ham too.)

1. Chicken breasts are seriously overrated.

2. That other bird is overrated too.

3. Chicken and waffles are the wrong pairing.

Hollllllly! John and I have always believed chicken and waffles should be chicken and pancakes. Thank you Bubby’s for your understanding of this

4. And chicken pot pies deserve more praise.

5. “Nutella is stupid.” —Christine Diane Teigen

“Nutella is stupid.”

6. And so are Milky Way bars.

“sorry, i was eating a milky way” more like “sorry i was eating a milky way” lol milky ways suck

7. Ranch dressing needs regulating.

There are too many different plain ranch dressings. We need a baseline. If you call it ranch, it must not fluctuate between thick or sour or sweet or dilly or watery. It needs have rules.

8. The best gummy bear is unequivocally the clear gummy bear.

The best gummy bear is the clear gummy bear. This isn’t up for debate. You either agree or you’re wrong

9. And the best Skittle is the purple one.

10. Also? The best Jolly Rancher is watermelon.

11. Oh, and the best Starburst is pink.

12. Frooties are strongly underrated.

FROOTIES are strongly underrated. You can get a bag of thousands on amazon for like 20 bucks

13. Wedge salads are a total scam.

wedge salads are the biggest trick restaurants have ever pulled on us. yes hello I will cut the salad, you guys just relax back there

14. Truffle oil is vile.

truffle oil is vile. truffle oil on beautiful, raw or seared sliced fish is the vilest.

15. Great pho is better than great ramen, but average ramen is better than average pho.

Then I choose ramen. So weird. But at its best, there is nothing like a piping hot bowl of pho

16. Eating alone is 👍, but eating fajitas alone is 👎🏻.

I eat alone all the time and it’s fine but there’s something about eating fajitas alone that feels super sad

17. Runny yolks on eggs are awesome.

18. Coleslaw is a salad, sauerkraut is not.

@MalkaLHS @MollyJongFast @jonlovett No. No one eats sauerkraut in a pile. That’s not normal. Sauerkraut goes on things. Coleslaw is a side and a salad. Things can be two things at once! Except sauerkraut. That is one thing. A condiment! ❤️

19. And picky eaters are exhausting.

I pick beets. But I’d still rather choke them down than be picky patty around other people

And that’s that!

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