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38 Cleaning Products For Anyone Who *Cannot* Relax Until Their Home Is Spotless

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38 Cleaning Products For Anyone Who *Cannot* Relax Until Their Home Is Spotless

I’ve had this for a few months now and I’ve been SO impressed. I previously had an earlier gen eufy that did its job, but left some things to be desired (no accompanying app, got stuck on things easily, had to be emptied frequently, etc.) and the X8 is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better. I downloaded the app, connected it to my WiFi, had it create a map of my home, and set up zones since there are some areas — AKA my living room rug — that need attention more frequently. The first time I ran it I watched it pretty closely because my house is full of cords, cables, cat toys, and other things that used to get caught up in my previous vacuum. Incredibly, the X8 managed to work around all these obstacles and/or sort its way out of them without getting stuck. Whenever it encounters an uneven surface — like the edge of a rug or the transition from tile to hardwood — it also manages to correct itself without needing me to intervene which has been amazing 🙏 . I  should also note that have two cats, so there’s a LOT of fur floating around my three-bedroom apartment and I found that I’m able to run the vacuum two to three times before it needs to be emptied. I also love that it has voice alerts and tells me when it needs to be recharged, is heading home, or is stuck. All in all, it’s an A+ option that’s both affordable and efficient!

Promising review: “I have had two Roomba vacuums. They were very loud and were constantly getting stuck. I would put pillows to block the areas where they would be most likely to get stuck. They usually found another area to get stuck. We were happy when they finally stopped working. I bought this vacuum on Black Friday because it was $100 off. I had low expectations and planned to return it if it got stuck in any of the usual places. I was amazed by this vacuum, it is very quiet and never gets stuck and because of its lower profile, it goes under furniture that blocked the Roomba. It does take three times longer to vacuum a room as it takes with our upright but it does a better job.” —Ken

Get it from Amazon for $299.99 (also available in white). 

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