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43 Things To Help You Cut Down On Waste In 2023

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43 Things To Help You Cut Down On Waste In 2023

Fohm is a small biz launched in 2019 by a husband-and-wife duo that, after traveling the world together, realized they didn’t have to choose between dry TP or “flushable” wipes that are bad for the planet and your pipes. And thus, their one-of-a-kind touchless system was born!

Once you have the starter Bathroom Kit, you’ll just need to buy foam refills, which you can automatically have sent to your door every 6 or 10 months.

I have been living the Fohm life for the last several years and couldn’t be happier with it! You get all the benefits of a wet wipe without the microplastics, plumbing damage, and waste! And you actually end up using less toilet paper than you would without it! Plus, it holds a charge foorreevvveerrr so you don’t have to fear getting trapped on your porcelain throne without your foam!

Get a dispenser and a bottle of cleanser from Fohm for $79

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