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46 Ways To Actually Waste Less Of Basically Everything

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46 Ways To Actually Waste Less Of Basically Everything

Basically any liquid soap you get is the same ingredients as bar soap, just thinned out with water! Plus that water both costs way more to ship and uses more energy to ship, too, because it weighs more.

I’ve been using Dip for the past six months (they run about $32/bar on their website), and while it’s my first experience with shampoo and conditioner bars, it’s been great! They smell fantastic, work well, and last a long time. The main downside is that applying conditioner takes longer than with traditional conditioner, because you have to continually re-wet the bar before running it through over individual sections of hair. But I’ve gotten the hang of it!

There are less expensive brands out there too: Ethique (their shampoo bar, $14.99, is pictured top left) and Peach Not Plastic are both around $15/bar on Amazon, HiBar is around $10/bar on Amazon, and The Earthling Co. is about $20/bar on Amazon. Ethique makes a co-wash/conditioner bar specifically for curly hair that’s $16.99, too, if you prefer that over the traditional two-step method!

I also own and highly recommend getting a Soap Standle — pictured top right — for each bar. After testing them on my shampoo and conditioner bars, as well as other bar soaps, I know they really do make all types of bar soap last longer thanks to the design that allows the bars to actually dry out between uses. They’re $12.99 for two on Amazon.

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