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47 Parenting Products I, A New Mom, Tried Out So You Don’t Have To

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47 Parenting Products I, A New Mom, Tried Out So You Don’t Have To

As a new mom I’m quickly learning what items are a necessity in my day-to-day, one of them absolutely being the Baby Brezza Sterilizer. 

As an infant my baby boy was going through about 12 bottles throughout the day/night, as he was eating about every 2 to 3 hours, which means I always needed to have the bottles and nipples clean and ready to go. “Back in the day,” as my parents and my in-laws have told me, you’d need to boil every part of the bottle in water on the stove. Who has time for that??? Certainly not me in 2022. Thanks to this sterilizer I don’t have to bother with any of that!

After washing the bottles and nipples (I use Dapple’s lavender bottle soap and a Dr. Browns cleaning brush), I place each piece on the rack inside the sterilizer. Once it’s filled with six bottles, I remove the rack, pour filtered water into the bottom section of the sterilizer, replace the rack, pop its dome back on, and set it to sterilizer and dry for 30 minutes. It’s honestly fantastic and super easy to use. TBH, I’d say this is a must-have for anyone who formula feeds and breastfeeding mamas who also pump/use bottles. Added bonus? You can also use it to sterilize pacifiers and any breast pump parts. It’s a fantastic item for any parent, trust me.

Promising review: “You guys…if you are expecting (or trying to get a gift for someone who is)…GET THIS PUPPY NOW. I ended up getting this after a few sleepless nights and not feeling like my bottles were staying clean while drying on the grass counter mat. This has been a lifesaver. It is so easy to use and works in a hurry. The best part = it dries your bottles too. No more waiting around for them to dry. Every evening I load em’ in and they are sterilized and dried within 45 to 60 minutes. What could be better?! Definitely a game changer everyone should have on their list.” —MorganS

Get it from Amazon for $109.99.

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