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54 Gifts To Buy For Yourself Now Because, Let’s Be Real, Patience Isn’t *Your* Virtue

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Included sauces: The Classic (1,600 Scoville Heat Units), Tropiquante (4,000 SHU), Piko Riko (15,500 SHU), Los Calientes Barbacoa (33,000 SHU), Sichuan Gold (46,000 SHU), Turmeric Bomb (69,000 SHU), Cosmic Disco (103,000 SHU), Evolution Hot Sauce (135,000 SHU), Unique Garlique (642,000 SHU), The Last Dab (SHU TBA). 

Promising review: “Absolutely amazing assortment and amazing taste, about to do the Hot Ones challenge with all of my friends soon and honestly so so so excited… Every flavor I’ve tried so far is actually so amazing and tastes so good. 10/10 — 100% recommend to everyone.” —Cameron S.

Get it from Heatonist for $120 ($144 value). 

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