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Behold, Jenna Ortega Has A New Short Haircut

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Behold, Jenna Ortega Has A New Short Haircut

If you’ve recently jumped on the Jenna train because of Wednesday, you may associate her with black hair and, ya know, a general goth vibe.

But IRL, Jenna has had more of a warm brown look for a hot minute, with similarly long hair.

Well, HOLD ONTO YOUR SEATBELTS FOLKS, because shag cut Jenna has entered the chat!

Personally, I love a shag cut! And I am in no way using my platform to give them positive publicity because I also have a shag cut!

Obviously she looks incred, but I sincerely believe that Jenna could pull off anything. Have you seen those cheekbones?! Thank you, sir!

Unrelated, but I saw that pants-less looks were going to be a trend in 2023, and I’m trying to gauge whether this look fits the bill or if it’s just plain ol’ sheer. I do want a shirt in this style, almost as much as I want to delete Wednesday from my memory so I can have the joy of watching it for the first time again. It’s a Sunday! What else am I supposed to do?!

So, in the words of Jenna’s Wednesday costars:

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