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Beyoncé Just Got A New Wax Figure That’s, Like…Freakishly Real-Looking

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Beyoncé Just Got A New Wax Figure That’s, Like…Freakishly Real-Looking

Madame Tussauds Berlin might’ve finally done Beyoncé justice with its new wax figure of her!

The legendary museum unveiled the figure this week, showcasing Beyoncé in a geometric black and white minidress with thigh-high boots — similar to what she wore during a 2018 stop on her On the Run II tour with Jay-Z.

The wax figure also had her signature blond tresses and was posed in full Sasha Fierce mode, making it feel all the more realistic. See?

Uncanny, I KNOW!!!!

Of course, there were some who thought it wasn’t an exact hit:

Why do they struggle to make Beyoncé’s wax figures look like her? I’m really puzzled. NONE of those waxes look like her. Hell, even the hair is wrong!

@melanatedlex / Via Twitter: @melanatedlex

Idk what it is about Beyoncé… and I’m not just being bias, but they never really seem to get her wax figures right. Considering how close they get some other celebs, hers always look like somebody that looks like Beyoncé

@thekingdeon_ / Via Twitter: @thekingdeon_

…which is a fair critique. I did feel like something was maybe a bit off around here:

But c’mon! This is a long way from how her wax figures used to look.

Like, what was THIS??!?

They were playing with our good sis!!!

So, compared to those, I’ll say it’s definitely much better. Tell me how you feel about it in the comments below!

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