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Cozy Gifts You Can Buy On Amazon For People Who Love Comfort

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Cozy Gifts You Can Buy On Amazon For People Who Love Comfort

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While it’s always a good time to feel cozy, there is something about the changing seasons and the idea of cold, wet weather that makes one long for warmth and comfort.

With that in mind, we talked with wellness experts and researchers about what kind of things can make you feel cozy. They helped us come up with a list of products that may help you feel safe and soothed, particularly when the weather is cold or dreary.

How does feeling cozy align with self-care?

Self-care can align with feeling cozy in many ways, according to Natalie Christine Dattilo, a clinical psychologist and mental wellness expert and a psychology instructor at Harvard Medical School

“I think of ‘cozy’ as feeling a sense of comfort and warmth, of feeling soothed, relaxed, and satisfied,” said Dattilo. “Acts of self-care are often designed to promote those same feelings, so I can certainly see how there could be some overlap.”

Dattilo said she defines self-care as “the deliberate steps we take to tend to our needs too.”

Carving out time for self-care can help you rest, restore, and recharge and better protect against the psychological wear and tear that comes from feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and anxious.

What types of items help create a sense of coziness?

When it comes to reducing anxiety, stress, and burnout, it can help to focus on grounding, Dattilo said.

“‘Grounding’ is a technique we use in therapy to help people feel calm, centered, connected, and to assist in self-regulating the nervous system,” Dattilo said. The best way to practice grounding is to engage your senses, she said.

Keeping this in mind, here are some products that might give you that cozy feeling.

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