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Fake Feminist Brand Bumble Created A New Mode To Enable Cheaters

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Fake Feminist Brand Bumble Created A New Mode To Enable Cheaters

Over the last few years dating apps have given us a new phenomena of cheating. Where it used to be hard to catch a cheater, now it is relatively easy. You might not know your partner is cheating, but you can check and see if they’re still on dating apps if that’s how the two of you met (you can log into your account and see if they are active or deleted). There’s also a rise in women sending screenshots of men on dating apps to the women they discover they are actually dating during normal dating due diligence.

For some reason, Bumble has decided the answer to this is to better enable cheaters to cheat. I guess when people only date one person at a time, it affects their bottom line.

This month, as part of its premium subscription Bumble launched “incognito mode”. The mode allows a user to be invisible on the app, except to people they have already swiped right on. This eliminates any kind of accountability the app offered. Where users once had to be in public square, they can now hide out of view from their real life partners and spouses as well as anyone who appears to know them or their partner in real life. The practice of letting a friend know when you see their “committed” partner on the app will be dead.


Cute how they pretend to care about women for clout, though:

Bumble has long tried to create an image as a female friendly app. This has never been true. But now that the app dabbled in taking away people’s ability to opt out of matching with potential domestic terrorists and invested in new technology to enable bad behavior, it’s more out in the open than ever that the only thing Bumble is looking to protect is it’s cash flow and use a “feminist” image just to draw in female users. Tinder, known cesspool of misogyny, also has this mode. This is a good thing to keep in mind when figuring out which apps you’d like to use.

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