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‘I think this is the f*cking DoorDasher’s fault’: FedEx worker says customer complained after he mistakenly took their Jack in the Box order

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‘I think this is the f*cking DoorDasher’s fault’: FedEx worker says customer complained after he mistakenly took their Jack in the Box order

In what seems like a storyline straight out of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, a FedEx driver shared how he received his “first complaint” driving for the delivery service.

Adrian (@adrian_peru) says he accidentally took a repeat customer’s DoorDash Jack in the Box order for himself after thinking the homeowners gifted him the meal. “So I just got off the phone with my boss, ’cause apparently I got a complaint while I was delivering today, and I have the evidence right next to me,” Adrian starts his TikTok.

In his defense, Adrian says the home routinely puts out a basket of snacks and drinks for delivery drivers, and, on that day, there was a freshly dropped-off bag of Jack in the Box waiting in the basket.

“I’m delivering my normal route, and there’s this house I always deliver to, like, every day. And I love that house because they have a fucking box with snacks in it. It says, ‘For delivery drivers.’ Kinda looks like this,” he says as a a photo of a box filled with treats shows up on screen. “All right, so today, I pull up, and it’s always like my last stop. I pull up, and I’m like, ‘Oh hell yeah, I’m ready for my water and my chips. They always have something there. But today, I went up to the door, and there was a bag of fucking Jack in the Box right there, and I was like, ‘Oh shit like they hooking it up good today.’”

“I’ve been working hard. I delivered some heavy packages, so I was like damn. Like, I said, ‘Thank you.’ They have a ring camera. I even gave them a thumbs up. So I have this shit here,” he says as he holds up the bag of Jack in the Box.

Trouble was, the homeowners didn’t leave the food for him. That was their meal, and the DoorDash delivery person seemingly mistakenly thought that the “For Delivery Drivers” sign on the snack basket meant that they should leave the fast food there.

“I’m not mad that they made a complaint against me ’cause I’d be mad, too, but I think this is the fucking DoorDasher’s fault for leaving it in the box that says, ‘For delivery driver.’ So for all I know, this food was for me. And now I’mma feel guilty, but I’m about to eat this food,” he says.

@adrian_peru I feel guilty but atleast I’m full 🙌🏾😪. Doordash do better. Strike 1 😭 #Delivery #Doordash #Mistake #Food #Complaint ♬ original sound – Adrian

“I feel guilty but atleast I’m full,” he added in a caption.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Adrian via TikTok comment along with DoorDash and Jack in the Box.

Adrian’s video was viewed 1.5 million times, with many commenters pointing out that the entire experience wasn’t anybody’s fault, as the DoorDash delivery driver could’ve easily been confused by the sign on the basket outside of the person’s house, thinking that they were being instructed to leave the food there. Adrian seemed to agree with this sentiment in the end, joking in response to one commenter: “We all confused here.”


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*First Published: Feb 2, 2023, 11:32 am CST

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