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If You Have No Idea How To Do Your Makeup, You Need These 26 Items

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If You Have No Idea How To Do Your Makeup, You Need These 26 Items

Tip: Wash the brushes before first use!

The set contains: Foundation Brush, Big Eyeshadow Brush, Highlight Brush, Eye Smudge Brush, Concealer Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Small Eyeshadow Brush, Blusher Brush, Eyelash Brush, Multifunction Foundation Brush, Multifunction Blush Brush, Mini Kabuki Brush, a portable bag, and an instruction manual.

Promising reviews: “These brushes definitely exceeded my expectations! I’ve purchased single brushes from name brands for the same price (or even more) as the price of this 12-piece set and I have to say the quality of these brushes is better than some of those name brands! There’s not a single thing that I could complain about. The brushes were packaged nicely and luckily for me they didn’t have any strong chemical smell. I did still wash them of course, and didn’t have any bristles fall out or anything. The bristles are perfectly soft but still a bit firm. Overall they feel really well made and I haven’t had any shedding whatsoever. I would absolutely recommend this set and I honestly might buy another just because LOL. The price is amazing and the quality is so impressive!”auuu

“I love these brushes. I’ve had them for months and use them just about everyday. They are soft and hairs are not shedding all over the place, not even when I wash them. No problems with application of foundation, eyeshadow, highlighter, or whatever I’m using them for. Very nice brushes for the price. Makes me mad that I’ve paid $30 for one MAC brush when I could have bought two sets of equally good brushes for the same price. They come in a little pouch and each is individually wrapped. Classy. I highly recommend.” —Shannon W.

Get it from Amazon for $10.99+.

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