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People Are Sharing Very Specific Things From Movies That Made It Super Hard To Suspend Their Disbelief

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People Are Sharing Very Specific Things From Movies That Made It Super Hard To Suspend Their Disbelief

Hollywood has given us some far-fetched plots over the years. And if you want to actually enjoy a movie, you need to suspend your disbelief to a certain degree.

But sometimes, filmmakers go a little too far and expect too much of their audience, showing us something so ridiculous or incorrect, it takes us right out of the movie.

1. “The jeep in Jurassic World still being in perfect operating condition, with viable fuel, after 20+ years in an abandoned garage. I caught myself saying, ‘That’s so unrealistic’ out loud, while watching a movie about man-eating genetically engineered dinosaurs.”

2. “The opening of A Quiet Place, when the camera pans to a newspaper vending machine and the headline reads, ‘It’s Sound!!’ I could not get past the idea that the world is being destroyed by creatures with such super hearing that we later see children playing Monopoly with pieces of felt because the sound of plastic on chipboard will evidently risk death, and yet someone was able to publish this newspaper. A newspaper that was proofed, edited, typeset, and printed, probably on a printing press — something that’s absurdly loud. And then some poor schlub had to brave their way through the streets, dodging sound monsters as the sun was coming up, so they could drive around the city and fill vending machines with newspapers.

3. “In The Queen‘s Gambit, when Anya Taylor-Joy’s character loses control of her life, and she’s sitting there in a satin nightgown with perfect hair and makeup. Sure. That’s what I look like when I lose control over my life too.”

4. “In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, they escaped the Goblin King’s lair by scooting down a chasm on a physics-defying rickety tower that somehow always stayed upright while bouncing off rock faces. That was Looney Tunes-level silly.”

5. “In the movie Van Helsing, it was the grey sweater that Hugh Jackman wore. Like, everyone else had a vaguely Victorian steampunk-looking outfit, but his sweater looked like it was straight off the Gap clearance rack.”

6. “In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the scene where Mutt (Shia LaBeouf) learns within minutes how to swing on vines from the monkeys, has enough arm strength to keep it up, and is so fast he can catch up to a speeding car.”

7. And, again, “In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — a movie with aliens, a teenager swinging from vines alongside monkeys, and alien ghosts the most unbelievable part was when Indiana Jones is in a refrigerator being flung hundreds of yards by a nuclear explosion, is fast enough to pass a car going full speed, and emerges completely unharmed.”

8. “For some reason, the helicopters carrying around the giant metal robots in Pacific Rim really pissed me off. It just looked so implausible. I know it’s a movie with a bunch of other impossible things happening, but for some reason that stuck out to me.”

9. In the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet (which takes place in the 14th century), “Romeo had a cool mop-top haircut right out of swinging London and Juliet had long straight hippie hair.”

10. “In Independence Day, when the aliens blow up Manhattan, the Empire State Building is shown to be on its own, unobstructed in a clearing between streets. It’s actually on the corner of 34th Street and 5th Avenue, so the camera angle is impossible.”

11. “In the Planet of the Apes remake, Estella Warren plays a human slave, wearing pelts and a loin cloth and living a tortured existence. But she looks stunning. She has flawless skin, bright red lipstick, and her hair looks freshly done at all times.”

12. “That scene in Batman Returns when Bruce rips off the mask and his black eye makeup just disappears as if he isn’t actually wearing any the whole movie.”

13. “I was really surprised to see people hauling cases of gold bars like they weighed nothing in the movie Three Kings. It’s not just one scene, though. Throughout the whole movie, they’re tossing around the gold, carrying it while running, and passing the cases full of it from person to person. One gold bar weighs about 25 pounds so these cases would easily be hundreds and hundreds of pounds. It took me right out of the movie.”

14. “In End of Days, the movie goes out of its way to show that the main character’s life is in shambles and that he basically doesn’t care about anything anymore. He’s a drunk who eats garbage and almost never leaves his apartment. The problem? The main character is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, so we’re supposed to believe that this guy, who doesn’t give a shit about his health, has the body of a guy who spends four hours a day at the gym.”

15. “In Ready Player One, an army of game players descend upon the video game fortress in the third challenge. You see a LOT of pop culture references from the Iron Giant to Tracer from Overwatch, because those are the avatars the players chose. The thing that didn’t make sense to me was that each avatar was unique. There was only one Tracer, for example. You can’t tell me that there wouldn’t be duplicate avatars in such an army.”

16. “In Iron Man, when they introduce Tony Stark as graduating summa cum laude at MIT. MIT doesn’t have Latin honors.”

17. “I can suspend my disbelief pretty far, but it seems like the one thing I really can’t ignore is people who live ostensibly in ‘our world’ not knowing or acknowledging the mythical creature that appears in their story. In Midnight Mass, apparently, not a single person has ever heard of a vampire before.”

18. And finally, “I love Mean Girls, but that scene where Regina George gets hit by a bus, while actually being very funny, also completely takes me out of the movie. She’s standing in the street for a long time before a bus, that somehow doesn’t see her, plows through her at full speed, all while making no sound whatsoever before it hits her.”

What are some other scenes or moments from movies that completely took you out of it? LMK in the comments below!

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