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‘This is a daily occurrence at my store’: Customer steals shoes at Marshalls by swapping them out

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‘This is a daily occurrence at my store’: Customer steals shoes at Marshalls by swapping them out

A user on TikTok has gone viral after showing an alleged method of shoe theft at a Marshalls location.

In a video with over 1.6 million views, TikTok user Gabriela (@therealprettygabriela) shows a beat-up pair of Nike shoes in a shoe box. According to Gabriela, someone appears to have come into the store, removed their shoes, put on a new pair of shoes, and put their own, used pair in the new shoes’ place.

“Now which one of y’all switched y’all shoes out at Marshalls,” she asks in the text overlaying the video.

@therealprettygabriela #fyp #marshalls ♬ original sound – Gabriela

In the comment section, many users said that this method of theft was incredibly common.

“When i worked at target this would happen like 3 times a day,” alleged a user.

“I worked at Nordstrom Rack and people did this a lot,” stated a second.

“They always did that at plato’s closet when i worked there,” shared a third.

Allegedly, some even took this method of theft further.

“I had a friend that goes to Kmart and would change into new clothes of the stuff he’s already wearing and put the old back on the shelves,” claimed a commenter.

“When I worked there I heard my manager talking about how someone did this with an entire outfit,” echoed another.

Some stores have developed methods to circumvent this kind of theft.

“I used to work at the shoe dept and people used to do this all the time. this is why most name brand shoes have the left shoe in the back and you have to ask for it,” offered a user.

All that said, some simply took the video as an opportunity to crack a few jokes.

“Some rich kid gonna walk in there and be like ‘ooo so vintage,’” laughed a user.

“Are those BRAND NEW Balenciagas?!?” questioned another sarcastically.

The Daily Dot reached out to Marshalls via email and Gabriela via TikTok comment.


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*First Published: Dec 19, 2022, 12:53 pm CST

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