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Why Each Zodiac Sign Sucks As A Roommate 

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Why Each Zodiac Sign Sucks As A Roommate 


They’re always restless and itching to go on a new adventure, so they stay up late. They come home late. And they make a lot of noise. They don’t know how to control their volume.


They will resist any changes you try to make to their routine. If you have friends over at an unusual time, it will bother them. Even changing detergents might bother them.


They’re huge gossips. If they catch you doing something embarrassing, they’re going to tell everyone the story. Your secrets won’t stay secret for long.


Their feelings are hurt easily. If you tease them about an outfit they’re wearing or show they’re watching, they’re going to become super self-conscious.


They hold grudges. If you upset them, they might forgive you, but they will continue to bring up what you’ve done wrong during fights. You’ll never hear the end of it.


They procrastinate. If you ask them to do the dishes or take out the trash, it won’t get done anytime soon. You’ll have to keep bugging them.


They can’t stand conflict. Instead of telling you what’s wrong, they’ll silently suffer. Eventually, this will cause tension between you — and you won’t know why.


They’re control freaks. They will want to decide how the house is run. They won’t want to compromise or take your ideas into consideration.


They will tell you what you want to hear, but they won’t follow through. They will forget to fulfill their promises to you, accidentally screwing you over.


They’re hard workers, so they’ll shut themselves up in their rooms for hours on end. This wouldn’t be a problem, except they might resent you for not working as hard as them. They might get annoyed when you’re out having fun.


They don’t listen. They’re always lost in their own minds, so whatever you’re saying might go right over their head.


They’re big spenders. They might waste their money on clothes and shoes instead of saving to buy groceries. Or they might simply fill the place with tons of crap. TC mark

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